Dan Martier was born in Pittsburgh, Pa. and started playing drums at the age of 8. His strongest motivations were hearing the Beatles; and feeling the intense rhythmic cadence of the drums in the marching band. By the age of 14 he did some traveling with a Gospel group.

Dan studied composition at Allegheny College. He left in 1982 to tour with various 60’s revival bands and continued working with Skorman Weiss management. It was here he met Laura and married in 1984. They moved to Atlanta where together they created music and a family.

Moving to Florida brought much success with his own group, “Express,” and led to side work in recording movie soundtracks. In 88-89, The Martiers moved to L.A. where they played clubs like Gazarries & The Whiskey-a-Go-Go, and Dan's side work expanded into jingles and other recording projects.

Since 89, the Martiers have lived on the Outer Banks, a “special haven”. Dan started "The B-Side" and later supported wife Laura Martier in her Jazz effort. He now enjoys playing more than ever, always looking for the edge and always staying away from clichés.

"My goal is to play and create and heal in music."        - Martini

Dan can be found these days performing with Karl Werne, Eddie Williams and Curtis Eley.

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